Friday, October 1, 2010

Delphi Developer's Guide to XML

Delphi Developer's Guide to XML
Wordware Inc. (7-2001) | PDF | 530 pages | 1556228120 | 3.8Mb

Delphi Developer's Guide to XML /by Keith Wood. Designed for the Delphi developer who wants to learn about XML, Delphi Developer’s Guide to XML covers all aspects of utilizing the power of XML through the Delphi environment.

In-depth coverage of the Document Object Model (DOM) includes investigation of the basic specification and three implementations: Microsoft’s DOM, CUESoft’s DOM, and Open XML’s DOM. Similarly, both Microsoft’s version and a native Delphi implementation are described for the Simple API for XML (SAX). Generating XML documents is detailed using simple text, Delphi’s Web modules and XMLBroker, each of the DOMs, and SAX.

The CD includes the relevant specifications regarding XML, along with all the code from the book and various XML tools.

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