Friday, October 1, 2010

Programming the Propeller with Spin

Programming the Propeller with Spin
McGraw-Hill (5-2010) | PDF | 368 pages | 0071716661 | 2.70Mb

Programming the Propeller with Spin: A Beginner's Guide to Parallel Processing /by Harprit Sandhu. This book walks you through the essential skills you need to build and control devices using the Propeller chip and its parallel processing environment.

The book covers Propeller hardware and software setup, memory, and the Spin language. Step-by-step projects give you hands-on experience as you learn how to:
* Use Propeller I/O techniques with extensive Spin code examples
* Display numbers with seven segment displays
* Create accurate, controlled pulse sequences
* Add a 16 character by two line LCO display
* Control R/C hobby servos
* Use motor amplifiers to control small motors
* Run a bipolar stepper motor
* Build a gravity sensor-based auto-leveling table
* Run DC motors with incremental encoders
* Run small AC motors
You'll also find hundreds of lines of ready-to-run documented Spin code as well as PDFs of all the schematics on McGraw-Hill's website: Downloads available at mhprofessional[dot] com/computingdownload

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