Monday, July 19, 2010

The Best Lessons from Photoshop User Magazine

The Best Lessons from Photoshop User Magazine (2DVD/ENG/2009)
RapidShare | Size: 5.68 GB

Photoshop User Magazine - it is not only just an amazing resource for Photoshop, it is - as the official publication of the National Association of Professionals Photoshop (NAPP). This is the best of Photoshop User Magazine training video lessons for the past 8 years. 2DVD.

About SEO & Making Money Video Series

All About SEO & Making Money Video Series

Here a collection of some of video training series concerning SEO , Traffic and Making Money With Affiliate Programms..
The Collection will be updated continiously...

Enjoy It!!

Profitable Online Business
English | SWFs | 2008 | 291 MB

Joomla! 1.5 SEO

 Joomla! 1.5 SEO
Paperback: 300 pages | Publisher: Packt Publishing | Language: English | ISBN-10: 1847198163 | 7MB

Product Description

Improve the search engine friendliness of your web site

* Improve the rankings of your Joomla! site in the search engine result pages such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing
* Improve your web site SEO performance by gaining and producing incoming links to your web site
* Market and measure the success of your blog by applying SEO
* Integrate analytics and paid advertising into your Joomla! blog

SEO Video Training Collection

 SEOmoz Pro Tips Videos

SEO Video Training Collection

SEO and Market Research

SEO and Market Research | 741MB
English | Mp4 640x480 15.00fps | AAC 54.8 Kbps 44.1 Khz

Here are some examples of how SEO marketing research can help target and refine your new marketing ventures:
* SEO marketing research can help refine market targets, messaging and in some cases demographics
* SEO marketing research can determine with considerable accuracy the performance of competitors' businesses, especially so if conducted on the internet, and determine the number of competitors in a specific market niche.
* SEO marketing research can quantify market interest in a product, service or nonprofit enterprise by gathering search activity from across the internet

Linux Bible 2009 Edition

Linux Bible 2009 Edition: Boot up Ubuntu, Fedora, KNOPPIX, Debian, openSUSE, and more
English | PDF | 890 Pages | ISBN:0470373679 | 24 MB

As the ultimate resource on the basics of the Linux desktops, servers, and programming tools, this book is written by the ultimate author on all things Linux. This transition resource is ideal if you are making the move from Windows or Macintosh to using Linux as your desktop system, and explains the Linux technology, offers detailed installation instructions, and includes step-by-step descriptions.

Parts Canada Superbike Championship - Official 2010 Program

Parts Canada Superbike Championship - Official 2010 Program
English | 32 pages | PDF | 20.55 MB

Advances In Quantitative Analysis Of Finance And Accounting

Advances In Quantitative Analysis Of Finance And Accounting
2008 | 272 pages | ISBN:981279168X | PDF | 6.5 Mb

The chapters in this volume cover a wide range of important topics, including corporate finance and debt management, earnings management, options and futures, equity market, and portfolio diversification.

World Soccer - July 2010

World Soccer - July 2010
English | 132 pages | PDF | 31.30 MB

World Soccer is the magazine for people who are serious about football. Inside, youll find comprehensive coverage and intelligent analysis of the global game. Subscribe to World Soccer and youll join a special club that includes John Motson and Martin Tyler and youll see why Reuters calls us ''the bible of international football''. Every month, our worldwide network of correspondents brings you the latest news and stories on the events that matter.

You and Your Money

You and Your Money
336 Pages | FT Press (2007) | ISBN: 0131003100 | PDF | 2.39 MB

"With over 70% of American workers living paycheck to paycheck, basic money management skills are needed desperately. This is a masterful work that guides us to discover our own money dysfunctions and takes us on a journey to healthy financial behaviors." --Sally Hass, Employee Benefits Life Planning Manager, Weyerhaeuser Company "This book combines solid knowledge of societal trends in personal finance with guidance on how to develop a sense of purpose about money and get financially fit for a lifetime. I heartily recommend it." --Kelvin Boston

Rukus Magazine - July 2010

Rukus Magazine - July 2010
English | PDF | 40 Pages | 10,9 Mb

Encyclopedia of Muslim-American History

Edward E. Curtis IV - Encyclopedia of Muslim-American History
Facts on File, Inc. | 2010 | ISBN: 0816075751 | 728 pages | PDF | 11.9 MB

Muslims have long played a central role in American history. Since the colonial period when an estimated 20,000 African Muslims were transported to America as slaves, through the early 20th century when Muslim immigrants entered the United States from the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, to the present day, Islam has been an integral part of the American experience. The founding of the Nation of Islam in the 1930s augmented the Muslim-American population among African Americans, and this group including such prominent figures as Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, and Louis Farrakhan has had an enormous influence on American life and politics since the 1960s. Since passage of the Immigration Act of 1965, approximately 1 million Muslims have come to America, establishing new neighborhoods and communities in all 50 states.

Physical Sciences: Notable Research and Discoveries

Kyle Kirkland - Physical Sciences: Notable Research and Discoveries
Facts on File | 2010 | ISBN: 0816074445 | 208 pages | PDF | 5.5 MB

The term "physics" is deriven from the Greek word "physikos" which means "of nature." Physics is the study of nature in its essential form and its goal is to explain as much of the world as possible in the most concise and accurate manner, as the ancient Greeks attempted in such theories as the four fundamental substances that they believed comprised the universe—earth, air, water, and fire.

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 Introducing

Introducing AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010

English | ISBN:0-470-48152-8 | PDF | 339 Pages | 14.76 MB

Product Description
Two civil engineering experts present a focused, no-nonsense introduction to Autodesk's civil engineering software
AutoCAD Civil 3D is the industry-leading civil engineering software, and this well-structured resource features focused discussions and practical exercises to help you quickly learn its core features. Reinforced with real-world tutorials drawn from the authors' extensive experience, it enables you to become productive in a hurry.