Monday, July 19, 2010

SEO and Market Research

SEO and Market Research | 741MB
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Here are some examples of how SEO marketing research can help target and refine your new marketing ventures:
* SEO marketing research can help refine market targets, messaging and in some cases demographics
* SEO marketing research can determine with considerable accuracy the performance of competitors' businesses, especially so if conducted on the internet, and determine the number of competitors in a specific market niche.
* SEO marketing research can quantify market interest in a product, service or nonprofit enterprise by gathering search activity from across the internet
THE FOUNDATION: SEO and Market Research

The Foundation Manual
Video #1 – Trend Spotting
Video #2 – Offer Spying
Video #3 – Keyword Research
Video #4 – Market Analysis
Video #5 – SEO Essentials

PART TWO: Free Traffic

Free Traffic Manual
Video #6 – Article Marketing
Video #7 – Video Bouncing
Video #8 – Social Network Marketing
Video #9 – Social Media Marketing
Video #10 – Conversational Marketing
Video #11 – Buzz Marketing
Video #12 – Viral Marketing
Video #13 – Piggyback Marketing

PART THREE: Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic Manual
Video #14 – Google Adwords
Video #15 – Google Content Network
Video #16 – Facebook Social Ads
Video #17 – PPV Advertising

PART FOUR: The Super Advanced Ninja Bonuses

Video #18 – Outsourcing
How to pay someone as little as $5 an hour to do all of this stuff FOR YOU!!!
Video #19 – Email Buys
Found a profitable campaign?
Here’s how to get in front of 5 million people.

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