Monday, July 19, 2010

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 Introducing

Introducing AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010

English | ISBN:0-470-48152-8 | PDF | 339 Pages | 14.76 MB

Product Description
Two civil engineering experts present a focused, no-nonsense introduction to Autodesk's civil engineering software
AutoCAD Civil 3D is the industry-leading civil engineering software, and this well-structured resource features focused discussions and practical exercises to help you quickly learn its core features. Reinforced with real-world tutorials drawn from the authors' extensive experience, it enables you to become productive in a hurry.Introducing AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 begins with an overview of key concepts and the software's interface, then discusses styles and tools so you can understand the basics of building. After you grasp the concepts, 50 pages of exercises give you actual practice with Civil 3D's capabilities.
Includes an overview of key Civil 3D concepts and gives you the interface instruction needed to immediately begin working with the program
Features in-depth, detailed coverage of lines and arcs, points, surveying, parcels, surfaces, alignments, profiles, corridors, grading, sections, pipes, and project management
Concludes with 50 pages of practical exercises to reinforce concepts

From the Back Cover

Dig Into the future of Civil Engineering
This hands-on reference and tutorial from two Civil 3D and engineering experts is your gateway to immediate productivity with Civil 3D 2010. The authors' in-depth explanations bring you quickly up to speed on Civil 3D basics, give you a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of building, and show you how to best use the software in professional, real-world environments.
The book starts with a thorough look at the Civil 3D environment and its core tools, styles, and concepts, then offers detailed discussions and clear-cut tutorials on lines and arcs, points, surveying, parcels, surfaces, alignments, corridors, grading, pipes, project management, and much more. It's the perfect, practical guide to help you become a Civil 3D expert.
Improve stormwater analysis and simulation with enhanced functionality
Power through more design iterations in less time and create better site plans
Understand Civil 3D 2010's interface, core features, and key capabilities
Draw fences, walls, and property lines with the Lines/Curves menu
Dynamically label components, maintain geometries, and pull project data
Design cul-de-sacs, subdivision lots, or boundary segments with Parcels
Manage Alignments and lay down road centerlines, pond berms, and more
Collaborate across the project team with helpful Data Shortcuts

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